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Friday, 21 February 2014

Bulk SMS – Everything At Your Finger Tips

VectraMind has most advanced tools to kick start your SMS campaigns. Our mobile strategy  consultants will be more than happy to consult, assess and recommend the best practices to realize maximum ROI from the campaigns.The Two-Way SMS Messaging service is a composite of the sending SMS and Receiving SMS services. It’s the best way to evaluate the response generated towards a campaign.

How the solution works !
VectraMind bulksms gateway is used to broadcast messages to target users and view the customer replies. Our web enable short code application which is an extension of the SMS gateway is used to receive and view the response.

A designated short code number, to which the customer would reply to. This is made available by VectraMind post approvals from the TELCO.Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services.Derive a bulksms campaign that provides real value to your recipients and you. Short Codes are used as a launch vehicle to propel interactive campaigns via SMS. The fact, that most of the companies have dedicated short codes associated with them, stands testimony for the success ratio of Short codes based campaign via SMS medium.

SMS voting, Mobile couponing, Call back request, Surveys through SMS, Quiz competitions via SMS etc. are a few popular activities which can be conducted seamlessly through us.

A few more possible campaigns are outlined below, which can directly communicate with the customers and give you measurable response at real-time.

Every correct answer sent via SMS in response to a question advertised in the newspaper would receive a winning code. This winning code can be used as a coupon code for claiming the reward.

Any advertising campaign can be enhanced by providing more information on the advertised product by using the bulksms system. All the end user has to do is send an SMS. Even complete catalogues can be distributed to interested users via email. Users simply send an SMS specifying the campaign keyword followed by their email address.

Event Management:
To register for an event, all interested people can SMS their email address with a keyword in order to register. A registration form is then emailed to them. Organizers can also build up a genuine database and keep track of everyone who took interest in the event.

Application Forms:
Place an advertisement in a local newspaper for home loans. The ad includes a call to action to SMS the "homeloan" keyword with an email address to a given number. Users send the SMS and get a home loan application form via email.

Synapse SMS Gateway:
Our Gateway is the most reliable and secure platform to send messages to mobile phones in any global network. Synapse has been built with its users in mind. Its comprehensive set of features will help you streamline the implementation of digital marketing campaigns, and to ensure the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Moreover, Our Enterprise bulksms Gateway service (API SMS) provides businesses with a high quality interface to send and receive SMS messages, which can be integrated into the enterprise's existing system infrastructure.

Create any campaign
Track all interactions
Comprehensive reporting
Build customer profiles for CRM
Personalization options for re-branding
Flexible account management

Bulk sms marketing has helped many companies reach their clients or prospective clients in time. It delivers bulksms instantly and reaches out to millions of people.The SMS gateway supports 2-Way messaging with the ability to route replies directly to your cell phone or e-mail address.To get related info on Mobile messaging, please have a look at our site.


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